Northern NJ Go Red For Women Luncheon

As my year as Miss New Jersey International winds down, I was asked to attend the Fifth Annual Northern New Jersey Go Red For Women Luncheon by the wonderful and amazing Robin.  Here’s a quick photo of Robin (right), Meaghan (left) and I from the Meadowland’s Heart Walk this past summer:

Go Red for Women

Each year cardiovascular disease claims the lives of over 930,000.  While many believe heart disease primarily affects men, the affects on women are equally as scary!

Did you know that…

  • One out of three women dies from heart disease.
  • Nearly 460,000 women every year die from heart disease, this is about one woman per minute
  • Every year since 1984 more women than men have died of cardiovascular diseases.
  • 43 million American women are currently living with Cardiovascular disease
  • Cardiovascular disease kills more women than the next 4 leading causes of death including all cancers

The Go Red Luncheons are wonderful social events where women (and men) dedicated to making an impact in their community come together to raise awareness, educate and raise funds to fight heart disease and stroke.

Go Red for Women

Mingling with the amazing sponsors and supporters of Go Red for Women and the American Heart Association is always engaging and entertaining. These women (and men!) are a fun group!

photo 3


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