Do You Have a Gluten Free Blog?

Time for another poll – Do you have a gluten free blog?

We’re not talking here about a Facebook page or some other social media site – do you have your own blog where you share your gluten free lifestyle, recipes and experiences?

Tell us...
Do you have a Gluten Free Blog?

If you do – I’d love to see a link to it in comments below – feel free to share your site below!


  1. G-Free Laura says:

    Hi Jenna, my blog URL is I’m coming up on my 2 year blogiversary!

  2. Alissa at Breaking Up with Captain Crunch says:

    Hi Jenna! I blog over at! Stop by and visit:)

  3. Molly (Sprue Story) says:

    My silly and serious gluten-free stories are at :) Glad to have discovered your blog, too!

  4. Taylor - GlutenAway says:

    Hey Jenna! My gluten-free blog is! I’ve been doing mine for just over half a year so I’ve come a pretty long way since then. Glad to of found your blog and read your story! Check my blog out if you have a chance:)

  5. Georgianna says:

    Hi Jenna, I blog over at I just emailed you actually because I am a social worker looking to move in the direction of coaching!

  6. Hi Jenna! My name is Dana and I’ve been blogging at ever since my daughter (now 5) was diagnosed with celiac at age 3.

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