About Jenna (Gluten Free Bloggers Founder)

Thanks for clicking the URL in my Gluten Free Bloggers Network profile – let me give you a little background on me.

Gluten Free Jenna

My name is Jenna Drew and I’m the voice behind GlutenFreeBloggers.comGlutenFreeJenna.com and the @gfjenna twitter account.

You can read more about my gluten free journey on the About page – but here’s a quick peek into who I am and what I do.

I’m a late 20’s public relations professional that was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2009.  After seeing my mom struggle with the gluten free diet, then personally having to adapt to gluten free living, I have many gluten free lessons, recipes and reviews that I can share with you.

My Blogs

I have been blogging online since December 2005 on several different websites.  I started talking about my gluten free journey in 2009, then quickly realized the gluten freebies are a social bunch and needed a place to connect their many insightful blogs.

That is how I came to start the two blogs that I still edit today:


I have to start off this story by telling you that I am a nerd.  I enjoy learning which leads me to do a lot of training on various aspects that interest me.  Blogging is one of them.  I’ve spent countless hours learning about blogging, online marketing, making money online, and WordPress.  I’ve attend hundreds of training sessions between online webinars and some of the largest blogging conferences today like BlogHer.

GlutenFreeBloggers.com is where I compile this knowledge and share it with you in a useful and (hopefully) easy-to-follow forum.

This blog covers everything from:

My mission with Gluten Free Bloggers is to create a gluten free force to recon with online that can lead to awareness of Celiac Disease, gluten free living and ultimately change the way we live through joining together.

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GlutenFreeJenna.com is a blog where I share my personal gluten free journey. Millions of people around the world are living with Celiac Disease or require a gluten free diet.

Unfortunately many of these people are recently diagnosed after a long struggle and feeling frustrated.  I remember that “there is nothing in the world that I can eat anymore” feeling that came quickly after my diagnosis.

My mission with Gluten Free Jenna is to become a resource for these individuals and in doing so make their lives a little easier.

This blog covers everything from:

Even though I personally live a gluten free diet, I am not a doctor, a nurse or a registered dietitian.  I simply share with you my own gluten free journey and lessons learned.

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Connect with Me

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